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Applies to UTV vehicles with a PV485 color display on units with Deutz TCD 3.6L Tier 4 engines.

It is imperative to make sure your vehicle’s dash panel displays are running the most up to date version of their software. This applies only to vehicles with the Deutz TCD 3.6L Tier 4 engines, which have the PV485 color display on the dash panels.

The software update consists of a single file named PV485-UTV-23044-rxxxx-configFull.gciBin, where the xxxx portion of the name represents the revision number. Unless otherwise specified, this file needs to be installed on the dash panel display if its revision is higher than that currently installed on the display.

The software version currently installed on your display is shown at the top tight corner of the password entry window screen:

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      1. Download the file, click or double click the zip file to extract the xxx.gciBin file and copy it into the topmost directory of a USB flash memory stick; not in any sub-folders
      2. At the machine dash panel, turn off the ignition key
      3. Flip down the dash panel in the cab (undo thumbscrews)
      4. Insert the USB memory stick in the short USB cable receptacle attached on the wires at the back of the display
      5. Flip the dash back up and temporarily hold up the dash with a thumbscrew to have both hands free
      6. While holding down the center push button on the display, turn the ignition key back on
      7. Keep the button pressed until you see a white circular icon appear then disappear
      8. The display will load a blue screen with selection arrows and short instructions
      9. If the USB memory stick has more than one update file, use the up/down arrows to select the desired version; usually the highest revision
      10. Then keep pressing the right arrow until you see a load progress bar appear
      11. It’ll take a few minutes to complete and will go directly to the main screen with circular gauges
      12. At this point you may hear the alarm beeper go off. Ignore it for now.
      13. Turn off the ignition key switch, wait 3 minutes then go to battery box and turn off both the master switch (Ground cable to battery) and the main circuit breaker on the left of the box (blue push button)
      14. After 20-30 seconds or so, turn the master switch and circuit breaker back on.
      15. Turn on the ignition key. The display should be quiet unless there are other faults that need addressing
      16. Start the engine and verify that it responds normally to the throttle lever


    If the throttle is responding as normal, then everything went well. Just remember to turn off the ignition before removing the USB stick.

    If the throttle isn’t responding, contact UTV for help to resolve this issue.

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