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2022 Model Achiever RT-01 Ship Trimmer 1

The Achiever RT-01 U High Flotation Ship Trimmer is specifically designed for Ship Trimming applications.  The vehicle frame is a medium weight Corten structure.  Hardened steel tracks are designed to cut into the surface material and pull the machine forward.  UTV is has steel outside track edges tapered to reduce aggressiveness on docks.  The plow is specifically configured for moving grain.  The optional heavy duty plow is reinforced for moving heavier materials such as soybeans or corn.  Optional 29″ high profile rubber tracks with a heat treated aluminum core are available.

 The Achiever RT-01 Ship Trimmer has rear bumpers for working in confined areas.  High speed is disabled to minimize the risk of damage from hitting a wall.  The engine is set up to work in hot, humid environments and is equipped with a pusher fan for extra cooling.  The wiring harnesses are sealed against humidity and dust protection is added in some areas.

 Available options: Food Grade Oil Hydraulic System, Closed Cab with sliding left & right side window, front windshield on-off wiper, door with dual locking system & circulation fan, DC Comfort Air Conditioning and also Differential Cab Pressure for closed cab in high dust environments.  Larger planetary drives are also available for high resistance materials such as coke or biomass fuel pellets.  A Driver’s wire mesh screen door is also available.  A 4 or 6 way plow is available.

 UTV is mounting Tier 4 engines as per EPA mandate and DEF tanks are installed.  The Tier 4 Achiever RT-01 U Ship Trimmer features a 100 HP Deutz AG electronic engine which combined with the completed unit weight of approximately 7,500 lbs gives a greater power to weight ratio than any other comparable tracked vehicle and allows for easy lowering into a grain ship hold.

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    • Cab: 1-Man Open Cab (mechanical suspension seat with 2 point seat belt)
    • Engine: Deutz TCD 3.6 L4, 4 cyl, Tier 4 Turbocharged Diesel 100 HP at 2,300 rpm & 369 ft lbs at 1,600 rpm 120 amp alternator, secondary fuel filter with water separator, muffler, electric engine shut down system, pusher fan for more engine cooling, 2.6 gallon DEF tank, 1x 12v battery (1,000 CCA), negative ground
    • Drive Train:   Two speed hydraulic – High speed disabled
    • Track: 28” track: 4-ply rubber belts with high profile steel crosslinks. Steel  outside track edges tapered to reduce aggressiveness on docks
    • Steering: Dual Joystick cable control
    • Misc.: Overall height 94″ to top of beacon, 2 way front plow with side plates and float position,   front and rear lights, rubber bumpers on rear corners, fire extinguisher, back up alarm and horn, one set of parts & service manuals
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