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UTV Achiever RT-01 U

The Achiever RT-01 U Tracked Carrier is designed for stability, simplicity & ease of use for personnel and material transport.

Maximum speed is 11 mph unloaded.  The RT-01 U excels in mud and soft ground due to very low ground pressure.  This Achiever will work in up to 35″ of water.  Its high power to weight ratio allows it to easily climb inclines that other machines can not.  Oil bath idler hubs are standard as are dust cap retainers on the grease hub road wheels and LED High Powered Lights.

Base vehicle weight is 7,500 lbs.  At 6″ penetration with 28″ D-Dent tracks ground pressure is 1.19 PSI.  Fully loaded with 5,000 lbs payload ground pressure is 1.99 PSI.  Ground clearance on this unit is 15″.

The Achiever RT-01 U can also mount optional sectional 29 rubber tracks.  Each track cleat (crosslink) is individually bolted on to the rubber belts and there are two tire guides on either side of the solid rubber wheels which run in the center between the tire guides.  Each piece can be individually replaced if needed.

The Achiever RT-01 U features a 134 HP Deutz AG electronic engine which combined with the low  completed unit typical weight gives a greater power to weight ratio than any other similar sized tracked vehicle. DEF tanks are installed.  The difference when climbing hills in your area will be noticeable. It is transportable on a 5 ton trailer behind a pickup truckRubber tracks allow unloading on pavement.

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    • Cab: 1-man Open Cab (mechanical suspension seat with 2 point seat belt), roll over protection structure, full instrumentation, illuminated panel gauge, inside rearview mirror, back up alarm and horn, fire extinguisher
    • Lights: 2 High powered LED front and 1 rear light, 1 beacon light
    • Steering: Independent dual joysticks with cable control for each track
    • Engine: Deutz TCD 3.6 L4, 4 cyl, tier 4 turbocharged diesel 134 HP at 2,300 RPM & 369 ft lbs at 1,600 RPM with 120 amp alternator, block heater, glow plugs, muffler, 12v primary fuel filter heater, secondary fuel filter with water separator, Oil cooler for hydraulic reservoir, 2x 1,060 CCA batteries, muffler, electric engine shut down system, 2.6 gallon DEF tank
    • Frame: Corten welded tub, corrosion resistant black
    • Power Train:  Two speed hydrostatic drive
    • Steering: Independent dual joysticks with cable control for each track
    • Suspension: Torsion axle
    • Wheels: 2 drive sprockets, 2 solid idler wheels, 8 solid rubber wheels with grease hubs, Dust cap retainers on all road wheels
    • Tracks: 4-ply rubber belts with 28″ D-Dent steel crosslinks
    • Payload: 5,000 lbs
    • Deck Area: (1 or 2-man cab): 60 x 80″    (4-man cab): 48 x 80″
    • Misc: 2″ receiver socket front & rear, one set of operations and parts and service manuals
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