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Hercules 5042/46 for Powerline on a 26K GVWR Chassis

The Hercules 5042/46 Digger Derrick with Aerial Bucket for Power Line provides a rugged design and construction to deliver dependable service under severe operating conditions with optimum performance and production capabilities.   It is designed with controls at the bucket and at the boom seat.

The Hercules 5042/46 DD Combo has a 5,000 lb lift capacity, a 41’ Sheave Height and a 46’ Bucket Reach for working up to 60 ft poles.   The fully proportional Top Controls include the Category “C” Configuration with plasticized full pressure all hydraulic controls at the bucket.  These are the smoothest digger derrick aerial controls available.

The optional patented folding bucket system folds back and out of the way when not in use and can be hydraulically deployed into the operating position in less than one minute when required.

This unit is available with a Category “C” 46 kV insulated 3rd stage and an insulated 4th boom with fold out bucket.  It can also be built as a non insulated 3rd stage with or without the bucket.

The truck mounted Hercules 5042-46 DD Digger Derrick ships as a complete assembly with the boom and outriggers mounted on a bolt on subframe ready for installation on a 22,000+ lb GVWR chassis with an 108” or 120″ C.A. dimension such as a Ford F600, F650 or a Chevy Silverado 6500 HD or similar.  No CDL required.

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  • Click to see what a New Hercules 5042/46 DD Digger Derrick for Power Line includes

    • Three stage telescoping boom with hydraulically extendible second and third stage boom
    • Hydraulic 4 way pole claw on third stage boom tip
    • Boom tip metal parts enclosed in plastic
    • Continuous rotation, planetary rotation drive with slip brake
    • Center mount pedestal over rear axle with boom stowed toward front
    • 5 function automatic hydraulic overload protection (HOP) system: protected functions:
    boom down, 1st extension, 2nd extension, winch & digger dig
    • Hydraulic side load protection allows rotation system to back drive
    • Full pressure hydraulic controls and turret mount seat for maximum comfort
    • Hydraulic turret winch 4,500 lb with 9/16” nylon rope, 5,000 lbs working load
    • 10,000 ft lb two speed auger drive, 2.5” hex shaft (standard – options available)
    • Curb side auger storage with over storage protection (standard – options available)
    • Auger storage for up to 24″ diameter augers (inclusive)
    • 16” dirt or rock auger – other sizes available
    • 25 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir
    • Adjustable boom support installed at the front of the cab
    • Turret mounted lift capacity chart
    • Turret console mounted pressure gauges for system & auger
    • Full-length heavy duty tubular steel sub frame directly attached to pedestal & outrigger
    mounts to constitute a complete integral unit
    • Complete lubrication and operational testing prior to delivery. All adjustments to derrick
    systems and related made to factory recommended specifications prior to delivery

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