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UTV International has manufactured a line of tracked carriers since 1992. We integrated our first digger derrick onto a tracked carrier in 1996.

Since then we have been engaged in a continual product improvement process that has resulted in the production of our 3rd generation boom, the Hercules 5042-46 DD Digger Derrick for Sign Post work.

The truck mounted Hercules 5042-46 DD Digger Derrick ships as a complete assembly with the boom and outriggers mounted on a bolt on sub frame ready for installation on a 19,000 lb GVW chassis with an 84” C.A. or 108″ C.A. dimension.  Other CA dimensions can be accommodated.

Maximum sheave height is 41’ with a maximum lift capacity of 5,000 lbs.  Bucket Reach is 46 ft.  Full Pressure all hydraulic controls at the Boom Seat Operator’s Console and at the Bucket.  Standard Equipment: Single Lane Foot Print outrigger configuration, 2,500 ft lb Auger Drive, 2,200 ft lb Turret Winch.  Options: Non Insulated or Fully Insulated for Category “C”, Fold Out Bucket on the 4th Boom.  Rotation can be optionally restricted to the curb side.

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    • Hydraulic Powered Three Stage Telescopic Boom
    • Continuous Rotation (worm gear drive))
    • Center Mount Pedestal over Rear Axle
    • Optional: Fiberglass 3rd Boom (Insulated Category “C” 46 kVA)
    • Hydraulic Turret Winch 2,200 lbs @2550 PSI (Bare Drum)
    • 7/16″ Nylon Winch Rope with 2,000 lbs Working Load
    • 2,500 ft lbs Single Speed Auger Drive, 2.0″ Hex Shaft
    • Hydraulic Overload Protection (HOP)
    • Boom Side Load Protection
    • Curb Side Auger Storage with Over Storage Protection
    • Street Side Turret Mounted Operator’s Seat
    • Full Pressure Hydraulic Controls with Two Dual Axis Joysticks
    • Pressure Gauges for System Pressure
    • Optional Foot Pedal Engine RPM Control
    • Turret Mounted Engine Start & Stop
    • 25 Gallon Hydraulic Tank with optional Oil Cooler
    • Single Lane Foot Print with 2 Hydraulically Powered Vertical Street Side Outriggers and 2 Hydraulically Operated Curb Side Radial Outriggers
    • Sub frame and Outriggers
    • Two sets of operations and parts and service manuals
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