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UTV Fire Tracks

UTV has worked closely with clients to develop off road firefighting applications for many years.  Capitalizing on our more than 25 years of expertise we offer different carrier chassis types and payload options to suit different needs.

High power to weight ratios provide speed, agility and climbing power while low ground pressure provides excellent mobility through soft ground.  Exceptional front approach and rear angle of departure makes ditch crossings quick and easy.

Various fire suppression packages are engineered to fit the chassis with standard water tank options at 250 or 500 gallons for the Kodiak K6 TFFV two track carrier and 1,500 or 2,000 gallons for the Voyager TFFV four track carrier.  Available fire packages are configured as low pressure system with a foam cell,  low pressure system with a CAFS, switchable high pressure/ultra-high pressure system with foam cell and ultra high pressure Pyrolance system (HY/LO) with foam cell.  Fire package engines can be either gas or diesel fueled.  Customization of these packages is also available.

Additionally, a 12-volt GFS GelGun, Terra Torch propelling ignited gelled fuel 25 to 75 feet can also be mounted.

Wet lines are configured through spray nozzles, booms, and turrets through the low pressure pump or UHP systems.  The fog nozzles can also be used as a water curtain to help cool exposures to the vehicle and operators.  Optional spray nozzles are also available to keep cab windshield cool.

Different configurations on the ROPS certified cabs are available.  FOPS certification can be added.

At the bottom of this page are boxes to click for more information and to request a quote for the Kodiak K6 TFFV 250 or 500 gallon tracked fire fighting vehicle and also the Voyager TFFV 1,500 or 2,000 gallon four track unit.


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